Agility League for Scottish Handlers & their Rescue Dogs

Current dogs looking for new homes

If you would like to post a dog on this page please email us at

In order for us to post a dog please include a photo, short and concise information about the dog and contact details.

This page is ONLY for rescue dogs being rehomed by a rescue or by private individual, we will not post any dogs 'for sale' so please don't ask.

Please ensure any dog you ask us to post will be suitable for agility i.e young enough so 2 years old at the most, has no health issues, has good drive, motivation and wants to learn and work.  The dog does not have to be a 'full on hyper' dog but must be a dog that you genuinely think would enjoy agility.

RAS will only post dogs that we think are suitable as this page is only for potential agility dogs and not just for general rehoming.

You must inform us as soon as a dog has been successfully rehomed so that we can remove them from the site.  If we do not hear anything from you then the dog will automatically be removed after 8 weeks to make room for other dogs in need. 


Thank you




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